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3% THC 

Doesn't have any psychedelic effects


Cannatonic CBD isn’t overly sedative but does tend to impart just enough relaxation to make everyday woes a little bit easier. Full body relaxation awaits along with a smile that you just can’t wipe off your face. The cerebral boost this strain imparts, although much smaller than others, is enough to keep you focused on your tasks and happy enough to make a new friend or two. Happy go lucky is the name of the game with Cannatonic CBD.

Medical patients turn to Cannatonic CBD for her ability to soothe most issues while still offering a bit of psychoactivity just for fun. Most notable is this strain’s potential when it comes to pain, including mild headaches and cramps, along with more severe concerns like muscle spasms. Mental ailments are also no match for Cannatonic CBD’s positive outlook on life, kicking stress, depression, and anxiety to the curb. For patients who need to be functional throughout the day, this strain offers the best of all worlds - serious relief without being stoned out of your mind

Indoor Joint CBD Cannatonic p/g

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