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Just as sweet as her name entails, Candy Apple is a sativa-dominant strain crafted by Washington State breeders TreeHawk Farms. They decided to cross Blueberry with Pineapple and then took the offspring and blended it with Afghan. The result is a strain that users report as completely uplifting and could potentially offer you energizing effects with a slight sense of relaxation that works to even everything out.

Candy Apple is ideal for most types of users, so whether you prefer to toke every once in a while or if you’re a wake and bake individual, this gal is great for you. On the low end, this strain measures at 15% THC and at her very strongest only barely crests the 20% mark. Her nugs are a spade type of shape and are often forest green with bright orange pistils poking out beneath a blanket of amber crystals. If you’re a fan of super sweet bud, Candy Apple fits the bill with flavors and aromas that blend vanilla, apple, pineapple, and other tropical fruits for an experience like nothing else.

Popcorn Nugs Candy Apple (3g)

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