When properly cured, flowers of Buddha Haze give off a sweet, tropical aroma. There are also some earthy, musky base notes underneath. Meanwhile, grinding up these nuggets releases a tangy, herbal scent, possibly due to the Haze in its background. When burnt, Buddha Haze’s flowers give off a smooth and easily palatable smoke that has a nutty, cocoa-like flavor on the exhale.

Like many other sativas, Buddha Haze strikes smokers quickly, exerting a fast-acting pressure around the eyes and forehead. Some users may also experience a sudden flush in the cheeks. Consumers are soon distracted from these symptoms, though, by a sudden uptick in cerebral thinking. Smokers can take on a new focus, stopping to dwell on a single concept longer than they ordinarily might. Buddha Haze also confers an energetic quality that can cause ideas to jump around in rapid succession as the consumer is struck by sudden and novel associations. As such, the strain makes a good complement to working on demanding and complex tasks, as it can aid focus. It may also help inspire bouts of open-ended brainstorming for working on more creative projects. In a certain set and setting, this strain’s energy my even inspire its consumers to get up and move, whether it’s to run some errands or to get a day’s exercise in. With relatively few physical properties, Buddha Haze is not known to induce a passive, lazy mindset; smokers may feel some subtle physical relaxation while remaining mentally acute. As such, this smooth and pleasant high is a great way to pass time with some like-minded friends, whether you’re playing board games or just shooting the breeze. Because it’s much more head-focused than sedative, Buddha Haze is recommended for afternoon or even morning use.

Buddha Haze can also have some benefits for medical cannabis patients as well. Its sense of focus can help those with attention deficit disorder to sustain focus on single tasks. Its immediacy can help those suffering from stress and depression to spend their time more presently and consciously. Physiologically speaking, Buddha Haze may soothe pain, whether it’s chronic and disease-related or temporary, as due to injury. Because it can bring about a disorienting sense of mindrace, this strain is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

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