Although strains in the Kush family are typically more sleepy and stoney, hybrid Blue Kush is a sativa-dominant strain with an energetic kick. It is a cross between fruity staple Blueberry and indica building block OG Kush and has inherited all the potency and flavor of these parent strains. Blue Kush was created by Spanish seed bank Dinafem, the company responsible for varieties like Moby Dick and Amnesia Kush. Dinafem says Blue Kush has a THC content of 20%; Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has found its flowers to have THC levels between 13% and 18%.


Blue Kush has small, clustered flowers that take a popcorn-like shape once cured. The round buds have a dense, heavy bud structure often associated with indica varieties. Mossy green leaves are threaded through with yellowish pistils. Some phenotypes of this strain have hints of light to deep purple, the result of pigments passed on from parent strain Blueberry; when exposed to colder than average temperatures in the growing process, these pigments generate vibrant blue and purple hues. The already-colorful flowers are dusted with clear to white trichomes that give the flowers a very sticky texture. Blue Kush gives off the unmistakable aroma of blueberries; the scent is sweet without any hint of tartness or skunk. Grinding or breaking up the buds yields a woodsy, piney scent, evidence of the OG Kush in this strain’s genetics. When burnt, Blue Kush gives off very smooth smoke that tastes sweet and vaguely musky on the exhale.


The high from Blue Kush takes hold quickly, gives smokers an initial headrush. Some changes in the perception of sights and sounds may be temporarily disorienting. Users may also be struck by an increase in freely associative thoughts, sometimes manifesting as stream-of-consciousness chattiness. The overall feeling conferred by this strain is upbeat and energetic, and can be pushed to accommodate the user’s priorities: it can be great accompaniment for tasks involving problem solving or creative thinking, or can provide the boost of energy needed for everyday tasks like housecleaning. While Blue Kush comes with some slight physical relaxation, its sativa effects ultimately eclipse any weighty feelings of couchlock.

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