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Blue Gelato’s terpenes include Carene, Pinene, and Ocimene. Carene provides the citrus oil aroma, with almost a tinge of rosemary. Pinene brings in the scent of the herbal outdoors like a breath of pine. The combination is like an earthy morning glass of grapefruit juice or an herb-infused tea. Ocimene re-emphasizes the wood flavors. The full profile is softly sour, a mix of citrus, blueberry, herbs, and woods.

The THC level is as high as 29%, promoting a feeling of full-bodied clarity and even heavy sedation. The clear-headed feeling is perfect for lazy afternoons sitting around at home, enjoying your psychedelic fruit cocktail. You’ll feel clear-headed and a bit sedated but also a little energetic. The combination of clarity, calmness, focus, energy, and groundedness makes Blue Gelato a great strain for yoga and other relaxing activities.

As you relax in your sour exhale, you will feel your depression and stress leave you. The calming feeling can treat ADD and ADHD symptoms as well as mellow out mood swings. The light citrus energy can even help you recover from fatigue. For beautiful heaviness, Blue Gelato is the snack of choice.

Blue Gelato

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