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Why use a Smoking Pen?

Weed pens let you toke without smoke. Used with various kinds of cannabis oil from marijuana to CBD, weed pens have become the most popular choice for vaping cannabis oil.

These battery powered devices allow the user to have a simplified and clean experience—no more weed crumbs in your lap! Plus, since you’re not incinerating your material, the taste is great and the smell more easily dissipates from the room.


More info:

Our cannabis oil distillate vape cartridges are the compact, discreet solution for active
marijuana indulgers on the go. All THC and CBD oil in our cartridges are free of fillers and
lab tested to up to 94%-99% cannabinoids.


These high-tech devices provide the full range of benefits offered by vapourzing without
the inconvenience of carrying around the necessary equipment needed everywhere you
go. They are consistent, providing the same dosage of cannabinoids with every use


1.11% CBD

94.13% THC

99.82% Cannabinoids

Blue Cheese - THC Pen (Comes with Cartridge 0.5ml and Charger)

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