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Bloody Skunk is an autoflowering strain also known as “Bloody Skunky Auto.” It was bred by crossing Sweet Skunk Auto with Red Poison Auto, resulting in a vivid and tasty strain perfect for users who want to kick back and take it easy. The cerebral high and convenient growing structure are quickly making Bloody Skunk a favorite for both users and growers.

If you’ve grown strains with Skunk genetics, you may be familiar with the structure of Bloody Skunk Auto. It grows with a sturdy, dense central cola on top with plentiful side branches surrounded by clusters of flowers, sort of like a mini fir tree. As it grows, the strain becomes a deep purple color with bright red and purple hairs poking out of a blanket of thick resin. The trichomes are fat and tinted light pink. The strain can be grown anywhere, flowering in an ultra-fast 28-36 days and yielding as much as 550g per sq. meter.


Bloody Skunk tastes spicy and pungent, with flavors of sweet rose and skunky, spicy earth. The aroma is skunky but very appealing, with a sweet and savory aftertaste that is quickly making this strain a go-to lazy afternoon high. For kicking back and feeling calm, Bloody Skunk’s sensations override its punchy flavors as they send you into deep relaxation. You’ll feel your mind floating up into a state of cerebral, happy euphoria as your muscle tension melts away. The strain isn’t sleep-inducing or sedating so we can’t recommend it for a bout of insomnia. However, Bloody Skunk is a terrific high for users with feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, or fatigue. The strain is known for being able to level out your mood and provide a lift of pleasant relaxation.

Popcorn Nugs Bloody Skunk (3g)

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