When inspecting flowers of Astroboy, the first impression you might get is that of tangy citrus. A second whiff reveals some surprisingly sour notes as well, combining with the citrus top notes to give the impression of grapefruit. Grinding up these popcorn-like buds releases a sour funk, reminiscent of skunk -- perhaps because Shiva Skunk is in parent strain Cinderella’s background. When burnt, Astroboy gives off a smooth and easily ingested smoke that tastes like citrus and skunk on the exhale. Certain phenotypes of this bud also carry a light watermelon flavor.

Unsurprisingly given its sativa influence, Astroboy starts working shortly after users have savored its fruity smoke. At first, smokers may feel a sudden dizziness or a concerted pressure around the eyes and temples as blood rushes to the head. These tics may be accompanied by some flushing in the face or an increase in salivation as well. Once accustomed to these odd sensations, though, users are skyrocketed into an elevated plane of thinking in which ideas and concepts flow rapidly in free association from one to the next. Consumers may pause to analyze thoughts or conversational topics that might not otherwise strike them as interesting. This kind of cerebral mindset can be a good way to work through a pile of detail-oriented, analytical work. It may also spark creative energy for brainstorming and other open-ended projects. Even as the high wears on, Astroboy tends not to burden its smokers with the weighty physical relaxation that comes with more indica-inflected strains. Instead, feel free to burn off this upbeat strain’s energy with light to moderate exercise. Astroboy’s mental chatter can also be a fun way to get through mundane chores like doing the dishes or finishing a load of laundry. This strain’s tendency to amplifying internal monologues can also make it a good social lubricant in party situations, provoking conversation and easy camaraderie. Because of its unabated energy level, Astroboy is recommended for daytime -- or for experienced smokers, even morning -- consumption.

Astroboy’s wide-awake alertness can also have applications for some medical cannabis patients. The feeling of cerebral concentration that comes with its onset may aid focus for those who have attention deficit disorders. Its upbeat vibes may also temporarily relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physically, this strain can soothe pain, whether it’s due to serious conditions or to everyday irritations like cramps or headaches. Because it can trigger bouts of recursive thinking, Astroboy is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

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