Grab your favorite flavored wrap, or your fanciest bubbler, and dive into Alpha OG for a high with a slow building buzz that’ll keep you entertained and giddy for hours. Taking home 2nd place in the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup 2014 for Best Hybrid Strain, this phenotype of OG Kush is quickly becoming a fan favorite. As this little darling is on private reserve at Alpha Medic San Diego dispensary, it may be difficult to come by, but well worth the wait.

Alpha OG offers users super high THC levels that hit at an average of 21%, with occasional tests that peak at 24%. With levels at that range, it’s no wonder these popcorn-shaped buds will take you down a peg or two. The dark green and gold nugs are covered in orange hairs and trichomes that give off a pungent floral aroma and boast flavors of herb, spice, and light lilac with some users describing it as reminiscent of potpourri. For the OG Kush lover, you’ll revel in the dankness.

The Alpha OG high is a head to toe high that builds in potency as the hours tick by. The warming sensation begins in your head, leaving you feeling hazy, but happy, before slowly spreading down your neck until it reaches your spine and limbs. Enjoy the smooth rush as you fall into a deep and melting couch lock that lasts for a couple of hours. On the long come down, expect to fall into a peaceful and wakeless sleep.

Alpha OG p/g


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