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An Indica-dominant hybrid strain, 707 Headband gets its name from two very distinctive identifiers. The first one, the number 707, refers to an area code from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, which is where this strain first gained notice. The second one, the word headband, is a direct reference to the effects this strain can have. Many users feel like they are quite literally wearing a headband.  The exact nature of the strain's origins have been lost. No one knows exactly where it came from or who first bred it, though some claim it came from The Breeders Lab. Still, that did not keep DNA Genetics breeders from taking a crack at figuring out 707 Headband's lineage.

After a few rounds of tasting the full flavor of the strain and its effects, DNA Genetics came to the conclusion that the strain was probably a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Most places specifically list it as a cross between a female OG Kush and Sour Diesel hybrid that was crossed with a male Sour Diesel. However, those claiming it came from The Breeders Lab, list it as a cross between NYC Diesel, OG Kush and Master Kush. Often stated as needing anywhere between nine and eleven weeks to flower, this strain can have a THC count of up to 24%.

DNA Genetics have since released a strain based on the genetics they claim 707 Headband has. Many patients say it has almost the exact same taste and effect as 707 Headband has. DNA Genetics have dropped the 707 and call theirs simply Headband.

Outdoor Joint 707 Head Band 1g

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